Oh “Happy Gilmore”…the memories from a long forgotten time (the 1990s) when Adam Sandler was making some of the funniest movies in human history. A movie that still holds up today, long after his days of totally selling out and making unwatchable garbage.

Take for instance, this scene at the Waterbury Open – a fictional stop along the movie’s Pro Golf Tour:

[youtube_sc url=”VyydT8dy3Hs”]


But that’s not the most important video that you’ll see today. On the contrary, it’s this version of “Happy Gilmore” as if it were an old school NES game, which gives Waterbury its due:

[youtube_sc url=”qvBYBVDF6mU”]

And don’t try to tell me it’s Waterbury, Vermont or some such – it’s Connecticut and you know it.

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