2015 has not been a positive year for Connecticut’s ongoing relationship with lists.

Among the worst for college debt? Check.

Among the worst for roads? Check.

Among the worst for first-time homebuyers? Check.

Among the worst for affordable energy costs? Check.

Among the worst for cost of death? Check.

Among the worst for actually making a living? Check.

You can’t get a good paying job here. You can’t get a good first house here. You can’t drive here. You can’t go to college here. You can’t heat your home here. And you definitely don’t want to die here. That group of six lists is just a sample, but it’s six times we were ranked among the worst places to exist, covering just about every phase of life except childhood.

Well, what would you know, but that one phase of life that isn’t covered is apparently the one phase we’re good at: If you’re a child in Connecticut, you’re probably doing alright because we have some of the best schools in the country.

According to a report from NBC Connecticut, in a recent ranking of the top 500 high schools in the United States, Connecticut managed to squeak 15 onto the list. Staples High School, Daniel Hand High School, and Newtown High School were among the lucky few, which were based on things like SAT scores and percentage of students going to college.

You know, it’s pretty refreshing to see a list saying something nice about Connecticut for once. Unfortunately, it’s really only nice if you’re a kid. Once you hit 18 years old, you better get out of dodge or prepare yourself for a life of wishing you lived anywhere else but here.

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