Stupid Father Winter messing with our peaches!

The great Connecticut tradition of picking fruit is in jeopardy this year thanks to that unprecedented February cold-snap.  The biggest victim of all, besides us, is the peach.

Fox 61 reports that the sub-zero temperatures destroyed almost all the tree buds.  Peach trees should be rife with flowers by now, but instead they are noticeably barren.   Up to 80%, with some estimates up to 95%, of the state’s crop has been lost.

Our friends at Lyman Orchards are already projecting a loss of nearly $350,000 because the sub-zero weather completely wiped out their peach crops.

New England states are experiencing similar losses.  Sadly, this means we have to make do with plums, apples, and pears this picking season.

Thank God for Georgia, that’s all I’m saying.

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