I’m always a little cautious of cover mashups done by YouTube “musician/stars” ( not even sure what category to put them in). Bu I’m liking this one mashup done by Louisa Wendorff. She’s got a pretty large following on YouTube (50,000 subscribers) and she’s also a good singer, with a cute image & persona. Her and her friend Devin teamed up to do a mashup of two new Taylor Swift songs: Style and Blank Space. Blank Space is a massively popular song right now and I think Style will be right up there as well pretty soon.

I’m not the only fan of the mashup though. It has become a viral video, has close to 3 million views, and the pop Queen herself, Taylor Swift, tweeted that she was “Obsessed” with it a couple days ago.

It’s enjoyable and has some good production behind it, so you’re not just watching some people singing in their living room.

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