Becoming Instagram-official is a right of passage for every millennial couple. And, part of being Instagram-official with your significant other is actually following them. Usually, this is before the couple is engaged — or even reached the DTR (define the relationship) stage.

But, that’s not the case for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. For a while, Justin actually wasn’t following his fiancée.

However, that’s no longer the case. As of a few days ago, Bieber finally followed Baldwin. This is after he commented one of her posts saying “dats mine,” according to an article on Elle entitled Justin Bieber Commits to Following Hailey Baldwin on Instagram After Committing to Marry Her.

Bieber not only took the time to follow Baldwin, but also took the time to post a few pictures of the couple. In one of them, Bieber promises Baldwin that he is “so committed to” spending his life “getting to know every single part of you, loving you patiently and kindly.”


Bieber wasn’t the only one to post something, though. A few days ago, Hailey posted a picture of the couple boarding an airplane, with no caption.

I guess the couple are now Instagram-official.

With that being said, the question is this: why did Justin Bieber take so long to follow his fiancée?

Well, there are a few theories here. The first could simply be because he wanted to have privacy. Celebrities have millions of followers. Therefore, as demonstrated, Bieber wanted to woo Baldwin over in a private way — especially after fans were invested in his highly publicized relationship with ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Another reason could very well be that social media isn’t a huge priority for the singer. And, if that’s the case, he wouldn’t need to prove his devotion to her by following her back and posting about her.

But, in any case, I will say this: they sure do make a cute couple.

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