You may have noticed that we are not currently under siege from ice, snow, and the usual gauntlet of hellish winter-related conditions. Presumably the lack of excruciating pain every time you go outside was a sufficient hint.

Well, it turns out that this winter isn’t just mild – it’s historically warm.

According to a report from The New Haven Register, the average temperature recorded in Hartford from December to February was the second highest it’s ever been.

Now, on the one hand, that might be pretty alarming. Climate change is the real deal and historically warm winters are generally not a good sign that things are getting better. Plus, New England loves to rake in those sweet, sweet winter tourism dollars, and a winter without snow is probably leaving some people broke.

But on the other hand, I’m not one to complain about sunny skies and warm weather during the winter months. Honestly, after the last few years, you could tell me that winter is going to disappear entirely and I wouldn’t blink.

I lived in Boston last year, during a winter in which¬†they got a record-breaking amount of snow. I did more shoveling than I’ve ever done in my life. When I walked outside, it hurt to breathe. Pain was basically a way of life for 5 months. It was brutal.

So I won’t apologize for enjoying this winter. Sure, it’s probably a sign that mankind is a lot closer to its end than its beginning. But as long as I’m wearing t-shirts in February and March, I won’t be worried about a single thing.

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