Looks like the Town of West Hartford has FINALLY smartened up!! We are still going to be able to enjoy our Music at our favorite watering holes in Blue Back Square and West Hartford Center. Yesterday I reported that West Hartford was proposing  an ordinance that would require business to shut down music at 11p. This went for both live musical acts and DJ’s. Maybe they  read my article yesterday…I was a little fired up!!  Click HERE for the article

According to the Hartford Courant, the Town Manager Ron Van Winkle (Seriously, that’s his name) confirmed Friday that the proposed ordinance “lit up everybody”. Mostly because most bands don’t start playing until 10:30p. Which of course got everyone, including myself, a little worked up.

They still plan on having the proposed ordinance but a revised version.

In the new proposed ordinance they would allow live music and DJs to run until 1:30 a.m. at West Hartford businesses, instead of the 11 p.m. time initially proposed. (which is sorta what happens now right??? Most of the bars I’ve worked at and DJ’ed at usually have the music end at 1:30a so they can call last call and get patrons to pay their bar tabs)

The reasoning for this ordinance is the same, it’s trying to stop disturbances in residential neighborhoods…(again, something the town knew would happen when they allowed businesses like Bars in residential neighborhoods…but I’m getting off topic) .The ordinance would have required all town businesses that offer live music, DJs  to pay a $500 fee to apply to the police chief for an entertainment license, which would be valid for one year.

They decided to remove that fee as well (which is GREAT for these businesses) … as long as a business is in operation they can get a license.

A public hearing on the proposed ordinance was originally scheduled for Oct. 13. Mr. Van Winkle (Seriously, I laugh every time I write it) said he would recommend that the ordinance be withdrawn at that meeting, and resubmitted for consideration at council’s Oct. 25 meeting, per the Hartford Courant

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