West Nile carrying mosquitoes keep spreading across Connecticut.   So far this year, one person in New Haven came down with the virus.  But, doctors say the person will survive.  But, they can’t rule out the possibility of seeing future cases.

Darien Daily Voice reports that a new crop of West Nile carrying mosquitoes turned up in Monroe this week.  Meaning, although summer is technically over, we still have to deal with these pesky cretins.

This year, 30 towns and cities across Connecticut captured mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile virus.  But, that number could possibly go up.

Dr. Philip Armstrong, director of the Mosquito Management Program says their reign of terror will end soon;

“Although it is late in the season, mosquitoes will continue to be active until the first hard frost. Take precautions and protect yourself from mosquito bites.”

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  However, it’s a pretty long tunnel.   Until we see the first frost of the season, residents still have to take precautions.   Although the 80 degree weather challenges our ability to wear long sleeves, it’s best to reach for the bug spray whenever you go outside.  Just make sure your insect repellent has DEET.

Also, keep dumping standing water around your home since that’s perfect mosquito breeding grounds.  That goes for bird baths, too.

Since the nights are cooler, more and more people will start sleeping with their windows open.  So, if your screen has a couple of tears or holes in them, patch ’em up so those little bloodsuckers don’t weasel their way in.

Symptoms of West Nile include dehydration, confusion, and high fever.  Some patients require hospitalization until their body successfully fights off the infection.

So, watch out for signs of the virus and do your best to keep those mosquitoes at bay until that wonderful first frost.  Which, according to this Interactive Map, should be any day now.

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