Keith Richards, the legendary Rolling Stone, stunned not just the publishing world, but pretty much everyone who has ever heard of him ever, with the announcement that he’s writing a children’s book.

Yes, Keith Richards, a longtime resident of Weston, and easily one of, if not the hardest partying rock star of all time, who has defied the natural laws of biology countless times over by still being alive to this very day, is putting aside his hard-partying ways to tell the story for the kids. It’s called “Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar.” He got the inspiration when he was writing his autobiography “Life” (which is certainly something that you should not read to children) and remembering stories from his childhood. The book will be paired with original artwork by his daughter Theodora.

It’ll be out this September (you can pre-order now), along with a CD.

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