The biggest game of the year is this Sunday. Connecticut doesn’t have a major team of our own; but, we do love our football just like everyone else. Ever wonder what the worst cities are for football fans?? Luckily WalletHub came up with the nations best and worst cities for football fans….and you guessed it- Connecticut didn’t do very well.

WalletHub‘s survey compared the country’s 245 largest cities, the number of college and NFL teams and average ticket prices to come up with this list.

East Hartford, home of Rentschler Field and the University of Connecticut’s football team, was 243rd.

Don’t feel bad East Hartford..New Britain ranked worse at 244. What’s interesting though is New Britain is home to Central Connecticut State University, which also has a NCAA Division I football program.

Fairfield, home of the Fairfield University stags and the Sacred Heart University Pioneers, was 225.

New Haven, which plays host to Yale University, did crack the top 100 and came in at 89.



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