A high-school teacher in Southington was physically removed from a classroom after he showed up  intoxicated to his first classes.  According to reports, he was so drunk that he wet his pants in front of the students.  He also pinned one student up against a wall (allegedly) when he discovered that the student was videoing him.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this story.  Originally when the information was first developing on Friday, all details that the school released were vague and simply stated that a teacher was escorted off the premises.  Nothing further.  As facts started to emerge, the community began to realize the severity of the situation.  A drunk Spanish teacher was in charge of the children for an extended period of time.  Some reports are saying that he had to be hauled out of the class in handcuffs by school officials.

If all these allegations turn out to be true (and let’s be honest, an entire classroom of teenagers aren’t very good at keeping secrets) then there’s a lot to be pissed about.  Why didn’t the school explain in more detail what happened?  Why weren’t police called? Don’t parents have the right to know?  Stating that the teacher was removed for not behaving in a “professional manner” is a bit different from the reality- An adult in charge of your children got piss drunk and literally pissed himself, then laid his hands on a student.  Uh… No one thought that was important to disclose?  Because I read “professional manner” and I think he wore a Strokes t-shirt to school instead of a button-down dress shirt.

I’m not the least bit naive.  I understand that these kids were probably hysterically laughing at this drunken fool.  They’ll make fun of him forever and I’m sure no one will be psychologically impacted from the event long term- BUT that doesn’t change the fact that a stranger relieved themselves in front of underage students and the school seems to be sweeping the incident under the rug.

If I were a parent, I would be mad as hell.  Not because it happened, random things happen all the time and our kids should know that- but because I deserve the right to know exactly what happened when my kid was under the school’s care.  As for the Spanish teacher, I think he’ll have enough consequences to suffer.  I don’t think the entire state needs to know his name or where he lives- but he clearly needs help… and a pair of Depends.


Source: WTNH

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