Sounds like the start of a terrible joke… “What do P. Diddy and Norwalk have in common?”

Neither have mattered for at least a decade.

Well, that’s not necessarily true.  At some point, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs decided to stop making songs about shaking your tail feather and instead to throw his star power behind vodka.  Ciroc vodka.  Although I miss him just saying “uh huh, uh huh” behind real rappers in music videos, the vodka thing is cool because he’s teamed up with Diageo to sell his line…. and Diageo, you guessed it, is in Norwalk.

He was at the Diageo headquarters in Norwalk this week to promote and discuss his new flavor, Ciroc Pineapple.  Since I follow him on Instagram, I’ve been seeing pictures of pineapples for months now.  In true P. Diddy form, he came dressed to the nines and had a beautiful woman by his side.  The new vodka is described as “rich pineapple flavour with a touch of vanilla and a tropical finish”.  According to his Instagram, we should also be mixing it with Fanta.  A soda that I’ve never once seen available at Stew Leonards.  

I’m just curious where P. Diddy eats when he’s in Norwalk.  To be honest, I just want to follow him around the city.  Maybe he’ll want to check out the Maritime Aquarium with me.

According to this video, Ciroc Pineapple does, in fact, make you shake your tail feather… uh, huh, uh, huh.


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