You spent the whole day cooking, eating and drinking at Thanksgiving. But, what do you do with all the leftover food?? Here is a list of easy recipes that will help you get rid of some of the extra food.

Cold Turkey Sandwiches – This is perfect for a snack after your thanksgiving dinner..nothing better than a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato!! It’s also perfect for a snack when you are on the go on Black Friday

Turkey Soup –  add turkey meat to soup stock, carrots, parsnips, celery, corn, or rice to make a delicious and hearty soup

Turkey Salad – Shred turkey , chopped celery and onion. Toss with a bit of mayo and season with salt and pepper.

Turkey Casserole – Toss some egg noodles with turkey and gravy. BAM!

Turkey Quesadillas –  Place one tortilla on the bottom of a sprayed frying pan, add turkey, jalapenos, cheddar and what ever other veggies you want and top with another tortilla. Cook on low for a about a min and flip and cook for another couple of minutes until turkey is cooked and cheese is melted.

Turkey Tacos – Shred turkey and heat it up add taco seasoning that you would usually use for chicken or beef.

Turkey and Stuffing Casserole – Take leftover turkey and mix with leftover stuffing. Mix with a creamed soup such as cream of mushroom or cream of chicken and back in the oven for 20mins until warm.

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