The big story yesterday was the ban of Halloween activities brought on by Milford Public Schools.  Everyone freaked out –which is expected, because what parent wants to deal with their kid yelling and screaming and crying and throwing themselves on the ground in public and asking a billion questions non-stop about not being allowed to show off their new Elsa costume at school?!

Well, the parents’ protesting voices were heard–and Halloween was declared back on Monday afternoon!! HOORAY! Now your children will find something else to annoy you with!

But the good news came with a hearty side of shade courtesy of Superintendent Dr. Fesser as you can read in the two page letter here. 

You can tell right away in the very first paragraph that she had a pretty bad day:

We are writing to you in response to the accusations that have been made against the school system around how we celebrate Halloween in the schools. The misinformation around the decisions the school made tied to celebrating Halloween is huge, and the spreading of untruths by parents and members of the community very disturbing”. 

It’s on.



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