Batteries! Yep, that’s right.  Apparently we’re a very practical state.  Actually, if you live here you’re probably not that surprised.  After Hurricane Irene and Sandy, most of us would be crazy not to have batteries readily available for our flashlights.  What we’ve learned from these storms is that when the power goes out… it may be for weeks.  (Hey, thanks Connecticut Light and Power!)

According to Mashable, each state buys the most of something in particular on Ebay.  Some states play right into their stereotype.  Like New Jersey buys tons of cologne.  I would put money it’s Drakkar Noir that they’re buying.  I can smell it from here.  Colorado?  Marijuana growing supplies.  No surprises there.  But I guess the big surprise comes from New York that’s believed to be a very Democratic “against guns” state that leads the nation in gun sales.

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