Well, don’t color me surprised.  Hartford is no longer one of the best places to live in the nation.

It has a long way to go before that magic happens.   A long LONG way to go.

Because NBC Connecticut reports that, out of the 50 worst cities to live, Hartford ranked in the top 10. This year, it’s in 8th place.

Waterbury finished in 36th.

What, no New Haven?  Or Bridgeport?  They didn’t make the list this year?

Well, the study used a variety of factors to determine this year’s list. So, they didn’t rely solely on crime statistics. It also looked at multiple factors, such as poverty, health, and unemployment.

So, 24/7 Wallstreet studied 551 U.S. cities with a population over 65,000 to come up with their latest survey.

Mostly, their list relied heavily on “quality of life” to finalize their numbers.  Considering quality of life tends to be directly impacted by a variety of factors, this list is rather solid.

They even studied access to restaurants and attractions.  Something that’s not really a problem in New Haven or Bridgeport.

Also, both cities aren’t dealing with a mass exodus.  That factor weighed heavily on both Hartford and Waterbury.

Not only that, Connecticut’s ridiculous cost of living also weighed them down like cement shoes in a body of water.

So, let’s take a gander at what really makes Hartford and Waterbury some of the most undesirable places to live in the Nation.

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