Okay, don’t let me down, CT.  You already voted popcorn jellybeans as your favorite jellybean (gag!)  So, please, pick an Easter candy sane people actually enjoy.

WTNH reports that a new national study by Influenster supposedly found each state’s “most buzzed about” holiday candy.  Meaning: the candy people talk about most: such writing reviews online or talking about it on social media.

So, not necessarily “favorite” but more like “the most trending.”

And the Easter candy this state obsesses over most?  Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Yeah, a no brainer.  They are pretty delicious.

Still, count me shocked that America’s most buzzed about Easter candy wasn’t Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg.  I mean, people absolutely lose their mind over these oval shapes of peanut buttery happiness.  I just need to watch my two young nieces discover them in their Easter baskets to know that.

But Cadbury came out on top this year.  9 states in all wouldn’t shut up about them while Reese’s Eggs only dominated four states.

However, things don’t end there.  Actually, the eggs weren’t the only Reese’s product to make the list.  The Reese’s bunny, peanut butter cups, mini cups, and white chocolate cups all made the list, too.

So, technically, Reese’s is the big winner.  Kinda.

If going by that logic, Cadbury really is the Easter candy America obsesses over most, then.  Besides their creme eggs, they also have their amazing caramel eggs and their mini eggs.  Products that, I may add, showed up in a fair number of states.

On the topic of quintessential Easter candy: about Peeps?  Only five states talked about them the most this year.

Since I find Peeps absolutely revolting, I find myself not very surprised about the states that liked them most.  The states habitually making the news with the craziest people, such as New Jersey and Florida, joined the Peeps army.

Anyways, here’s the full Influenster chart for your viewing pleasure:

2018 03 23 influenster most popular easter candy map Connecticuts most buzzed about Easter candy is...

(Map Courtesy: Influenster.com)

Anyways, will this list predict the candy that sells the best in each state?  Analysts say it might because “buzzed about” typically translates to buying power.

Will this also be true in Connecticut?

Well, maybe.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs always tends to outsell the competition in the state every year.  Only time will tell if they pull it off again.

What’s your favorite candy to eat on Easter?

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