Connecticut is a weird state.  We have a mixed basket of cool, weird, creepy, and beautiful locations and attractions.  But nothing illustrates that better than our so-called tourist traps.   Seriously, they’re everywhere.  And some are downright weird.  So weird, in fact, you can consider them overrated.

CT Post says one attraction reigns supreme in that department.  Business Insider ranked the top  overrated tourist traps in each state and, as it turns out, they got it right.  At least in Connecticut’s case.

But not for the reason you’d think.

So, congratulations to Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Store in Middletown.  Business Insider described the location as:

“A sort of cabinet of curiosities where most curiosities are for sale, the shop is a little like a hyped-up flea market.”

Wow, rude.

But then again, you should see what they said about the Alamo.

The funny thing is, the title is exactly what Wild Bill’s would be happy to have.   It’s just a shame that the store’s original owner, Wild Bill, passed away just short of the announcement.

His daughter, however, says the news would have delighted him.   Heather Page, who now runs the store, told the Post:

“I think my dad would be proud. he would love that.  He tried to build up a legacy, and I think he was pretty darn successful. He was always proud of every time we were in the newspaper.”

Considering Wild Bill never spent a dime on advertising and only relied on word-of-mouth and nods from the media to get by.  However, as someone who passed the store often during my high school years, it’s pretty hard to resist not gawking.

The store is ridiculous from the inside out.  Like, if you’ve never drove past it, here.  This is what it looks like


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So, you can understand why people from all over the world wind up in the store.   It’s not everyday you come across a colorful behemoth with a bunch of cars balanced on balls on the side and not check it out.  Because that just doesn’t happen.

Still, being known as Connecticut’s most overrated tourist trap must have brought a smile to ol’ Bill’s face.

That said, if you’re looking for a wild adventure this holiday weekend, you know where to find Wild Bill’s.  You can’t miss it.

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