February 13th is Galentine’s Day, a day all about love for the gals. So, on the day before Valentine’s Day, be sure to celebrate all of the ladies in your life!

It is no secret that this year is the year of the women. And, with so many issues and movements, such as the Second Annual Women’s March or Times Up, women have been celebrating each other’s strength time and time again.

However, there was a day before the inaugural women’s march where women were celebrating one another: Galentine’s Day, or February 13th.

According to Wikipedia, Galentine’s Day is generally described as a day for ladies to celebrate ladies. It is the day before Valentine’s Day, which traditionally is meant for couples or lovers to celebrate each other.

Galentine’s Day actually started as a fictional holiday. We have none other than Leslie Knope, or Amy Poehler, to thank for this one. This holiday came to fruition in Amy’s show, Parks and Recreation. In season 2, there is an episode aptly titled, “Galentine’s Day” in which Leslie Knope throws her annual party for her female friends. Galentine’s broke the fourth wall, and now women celebrate it worldwide.

But why should we celebrate Galentine’s Day? Well, there are multiple reasons. Leslie Knope said it best in the show; she said, “Oh it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it…”

Galentine’s Day is not only the perfect excuse to leave your better halves at home and “kick it” with your girls, but it is also a day where you can feel celebrated among your peers.

Plus, if you celebrate Single Awareness Day instead of Valentine’s, you still can enjoy a day of love with your friends, instead. And eat all of the chocolate, which is the whole point anyway, right?

And Galentine’s is more than just giving your friends heart-shaped Reese’s, although those are the standout of this season anyway. You can celebrate your mothers, grandmothers, sisters and more on Galentine’s Day. Because this holiday is about showing love and appreciation to all of the amazing women in your life!

So, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, you can still have an excuse to celebrate this February. And, Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to honor and love yourself and your favorite ladies!

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