Every week, I find myself in this situation…but it has never ended the way that it ended for these guys at a Stratford Stop & Shop.

According to the CT Post: David Trapasso from Stratford was bagging his purchases at the end of the conveyor when East Haven man John Iaffaldano began scanning his purchases. David asked John if he could wait until he finished bagging but John must have been in a hurry to eat all the snacks he was buying and told him to: “Calm Down”.

OOOH the deadly ” Calm Down”.  You could be on a beautiful island surrounded by your favorite food, drinks and people and will still LOSE YOUR MIND if someone throws ya those two words.

Well of course, he did the complete opposite of calm down and they started spewing some choice words at each other which turned into the the impatient dude from East Haven shoving David. They ended up “ROLLING AROUND ON THE FLOOR AMIDST BOTH THEIR GROCERIES”. That sounds like a fantasy guys have, but with two hot chicks and not two hot headed 50 and 60 year old men.

Finally they were broken up by two female employees…who were probably 16 years old.

What is it with grocery store shoppers in Stratford??

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