Yesterday was the Scripps National Spelling Bee (which, for the second year in a row ended with a bogus tie). The words that those kids have to spell are preposterously hard, and they’re words that no one EVER uses! Even the people who created those words.

Not all of us are great spellers like those kids. Most of us are terrible at it, including words that everyone uses all the time. Common words, but no one knows how to spell them.

I’m talking about words like “grey” (or is it “gray”) or “vacuum”. People are constantly using Google to search how to spell them.

But let’s get even more specific – what word does Connecticut have a terrible time with spelling? What are we searching for the most with “how to spell…”? Well, Voactiv is here to help and the winning word is…


I’m actually surprised that it wasn’t “Connecticut” (admit it – you say “Connect-I-Cut” in your head all the time).

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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