Sweden, the land of strange studies, recently did a survey of your 2014 “Hygiene Matters” to find out the weird work bathroom habits of 13,000 people in 13 countries. Yes, the U.S. was one of them. So the next time your boss heads to the bathroom just picture him going to light up a cigarette, cry and text you.


We’re all guilty of this. If you aren’t texting in the bathroom, you probably just don’t have enough friends.

Talking on the Phone

If I was talking to you Ian Somerhalder, sure.


“Um sir…can you keep it down? I’m on a very important phone call with my boyfriend Ian.”


Gross. Just gross.


Just go home already.


Whoever the creative bastard is that managed this deserves some type of reward. Because HOW? How are you exercising in the bathroom?

One thing they didn’t survey that we all 100% do?


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