From the “What Year Is It?” files: heroin and measles are making a comeback in our lovely state.

First up measles. Two cases of measles have been reported in Fairfield County. in case you are unaware of what measles is here is a quick primer. It is an respiratory infection that used to wipe out large numbers of people until a vaccination was created and distributed in pretty much every developed country back in the 1960s! For whatever reason CT saw not one but two cases in February. This is after not having a single case in years. The doctor quoted in the WFSB article said he hadn’t seen a case since the 90s.

No one is really sure how these cases popped up but I would guess these individuals were not vaccinated. If you have yet to get vaccinated please go here to find out more. Seriously, don’t fall for the anti-vaccine propaganda. Get yourself vaccinated. While two cases might seem like much I liked it better when there were no cases.





Next on the 90s Flashback Hit List is heroin! According to a new report accidental deaths from heroin use were up 48% from 2012. Who is still using heroin?! According to the stats it isn’t just CT either, all of New England has seen a rise in accidental overdoses of heroin.

It seems Hartford is dealing with an unsavory dealer who is dolling out a lethal batch of heroin that contains fentanyl. That’s the stuff that many speculated killed Phillip Seymour Hoffman. If you or someone you know is into heroin it is in everyone’s best interest to get help now.

In summary, needles with vaccinations good, needles with heroin bad.


Via WFSB & FoxCT | Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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