I wanted this article to be different. I wanted the news last night to announce that the Hartford Yard Goats won. And not just that they beat the Harrisburg Senators, but that they won their first home game ever at Dunkin’ Donuts Park.

But the clouds rolled in and the rain came:

And here we are, exactly one week into the life of a new ballpark (well, +1 year), amid all of the fanfare from last Thursday night, and we still haven’t had one victory in Hartford! And they’re calling for more rain tonight!!

Do the clouds signify what’s to come? Is this what we should expect? Will the Yard Goats actually become one of those teams, joining the likes of “Dem Bums” the Brooklyn Dodgers, or those “Lovable Losers” the Chicago Cubs?

It’s certainly too early to be genuinely upset over it – and it’s not like they haven’t been close to winning. Monday night was a tremendous 5 1/2 hour game that went into extra innings and used every single pitcher on the roster. But you still need that historic first win. After all, we’re used to winning and winning streaks (ahem…hello, UConn Women’s Basketball).

If you’re gonna call yourselves “Goats,” you don’t need to actually be the “G.O.A.T.” – but you’ve gotta win one, and win one soon, for Hartford.

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