Well, it’s finally here.  The biggest travel holiday of the year kicks off tonight.  So, if you’re planning on hitting the road, when’s the best time to get behind the wheel?  Thankfully, someone figured that out for us.

Fox News studied historical travel trends and compiled a list of dates in time when you should travel and when you should not.   Seriously, they’re working for the greater good on this one because this is pertinent information.  No one likes unexpectedly standing in traffic for egregious amounts of time.

Then again, try CT during rush hour.

But, July 4th travel is like rush hour traffic on steroids.  It’s mind-numbingly bad.  I endured it precisely once in my short life and never again will I risk that torture.  Not to mention if you need to use the restroom, the lines will be practically out the door at any and all rest stops.

If you want to know what hell is like…

Anyways, you’ve been warned.  Because 44.2 MILLION people will join you on the highways this year.  The low gas prices certainly didn’t help dissuade anyone from traveling 50 miles or more.

Not to mention, a lot of workers will take a 4-day weekend this year because the 4th falls on a Tuesday.  I mean, who wants to work for one day and head back to vacation mode?  No one, that’s who.

That’s why numbers are off the charts this year since it’s expected to be a record-breaking travel holiday.  You’re looking at the perfect storm.

So, if you want to not be pulling out your hair over the next hour-or-so it takes to travel 15 miles from point A to point B, here’s when you need to load up the car and go.  Also, click through to see the worst times possible to chance it.

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