Because we’re all suckers for lists, here’s a new one that will certainly create some controversy. Movoto has put together a list of the best places to live in New England. Obviously, Connecticut being a part of New England, we’ve gotta show up occasionally on the list – but all I want to know is how did we do? And the result is somewhere between “fine” and “not bad.”

Let’s start with the top ten, which includes both Stamford (#7) and West Hartford (#9) – it’d certainly be nice to have the top spot, but this list is super Massachusetts biased. Every other spot on the top ten is occupied by our neighbors to the north.

The 10 Best Places In New England By Movoto Real Estate

To come up with this list, they came up with rankers based on seven factors – Amenities, Quality of Life, Crime, Taxes, Unemployment, Commuting, and Weather. The average of all those factors led to Lexington to be the best place to live in New England.

Where else did Connecticut show up on the list?

– Well, Norwalk tied at #13 with Somerville, MA. Interestingly, Norwalk had the best weather of all towns ranked (although after this year’s Oyster Festival, that may not be so true anymore).
– Danbury shows up at #18, with a very low commuting score. I mean, when you never build a North-South directional highway, that’s what happens.
– Newington and Middletown are neck-and-neck at #22 and #23 respectively, with Trumbull and Shelton close behind at #25 and #27 – and congratulations, Shelton – you have the least amount of crime of all the towns in Connecticut.
– Milford, Norwich, and Stratford are the last towns to show up on the list, respectively coming in at #34, #47, and closing out the list at #50.

So, if you don’t see your town listed, that may be because of population – they only took the towns with a population of greater than 30,000. Of which there are 30 of in Connecticut. Interestingly, places like Greenwich and Fairfield don’t show up at all.

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