Connecticut, we have a problem.  And it looks like a very BIG problem.   Considering we live in the bluest of blue states in America, we should lead in racial progress.  Unfortunately, it’s the exact opposite.

WFSB reports that a new Wallethub survey is back once again to wag a condescending finger at CT.  This time, it’s over something our lawmakers really love to pat themselves on the back for.  So, they now have a lot of explaining and damage control to do.

Basically, we suck when it comes to helping out our non-white residents.  We actually inhabit the back of the national roundup pile when it comes to racial progress.

Simply put: we are the 9th worst state overall when it comes to racial equality.

Wallethub studied America on a state by state basis on equality and integration.  The key metrics focused on median annual income, health, education, and voter turnout.

So, why did Connecticut come in 41st place despite all its programs and funding to do the exact opposite?  Well, the gap between rich whites and poor blacks is exceptionally high in the state.  Plus, when it comes to rich vs poor schools, the problem only grows.

Here’s how it breaks down.

Connecticut’s achievement gap between its rich whites and poor blacks ranked 34th worst in the nation.  In wordier terms, it means more whites attain wealth and jobs than blacks in the state.   This all may have something to do with our major disparity when it comes to our education.

Connecticut ranked 47th overall for education, with standardized test scores suffering the most in our poorer districts.  It goes without question that this ranking will suffer further due to our inner city schools struggling to educate Puerto Rican refugees.

Plus. we also ranked horribly in the achievement gap between whites and nonwhites with bachelors degrees.  That’s also a pretty big key indicator in success.

It doesn’t help our image that the state ranked 43rd in social and civic engagement, too.

So. this state deals with more poorly educated minorities, which translates to less job opportunities and desire to give back to the community.

Also, our health rank landed us in 37th place.  Meaning, equal access to healthcare struggles to exist in this state, too.

As for the three worst states for racial progress, that honor goes to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.

The three best states, however, are Hawaii, New Mexico and Kentucky.

Yeah, have fun chewing that factoid over.

So, do you believe Connecticut does have a problem with racial progress and equality?  Or is this a bunch of lip-service from Wallethub?

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