I feel like this has been a plot line on every suburban sitcom: Crazy neighbor sees dog walker leave Bowser’s bowel movement. Neighbor threatens to have dog poop tested for DNA to identify the culprit. Everyone tells neighbor to get a life. Cue the laugh track.

Well, apparently that plot line is real life for one Connecticut town. According to the New Canaan Advertiser, bags of dog crap have become the talk of the town. The article said that ever since Waveny Park in New Canaan adopted a “carry in/carry out” policy for trash and decreased the number of trash receptacles in the park, people have just been bagging their dog’s number two’s and just tossing the bags on the side of the trail.

First of all, that’s gross. I’ve owned a dog in a city and in suburbia and there is one very simple rule for being a good dog owner: Pick up your dog’s crap and dispose of it in a trash can.

No one wants to see your dog’s crap. No one wants to smell your dog’s crap. No one wants to accidentally step in your dog’s crap. It’s your dog, it’s your dog’s crap, it’s your responsibility. Pick it up, dispose of it properly, and let everyone else go about their days without the horrifying knowledge of Fluffy’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But on the other hand, how quaint does New Canaan have to be for this to be one of their biggest problems? Honestly, it doesn’t take a newspaper article, public debate, or any strenuous thought to solve this problem. You took the trash cans out of the park, people stopped putting the poop in trash cans, so just go put the trash cans back.

You’re welcome, New Canaan. Poop problem solved.

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