Even though Easter isn’t until next weekend, it’s never too late to gear up for the BEST activity in the history of childhood.  Easter Egg Hunts!  They’re all over Connecticut and here’s where you can find them.

Sure, I’ll have a roundup for next weekend, too.  But first, let’s gear up for pre-season Easter Egg Hunts.  Because it’s never too early to fill your baskets with chocolate goodness.

Here’s hoping your kid scoops up the golden egg and takes home the grand prize.  I mean, do community hunts still do that?  They used to at Irene Sheldon Park back in the 90’s.  That, or it was just a rumor the big kids would tell me so I’d run all the way to the back of the field and far away from the eggs as possible.

Then again, I’d pluck several eggs, sit on my fat bottom, and feast.  It was great.

Anyways, here’s where you can take your little munchkins this weekend for some family fun!  Don’t forget to bring a camera!

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