Student loans, one of the many things we wished were never invented.  With a fifth of our salaries going toward paying them off, it’s no wonder why we hear people complaining about them so much.

Now we know just how much our fellow Connecticut brethren cough up to Uncle Sam’s diploma fund every year.

Wallethub wanted to find out how America became the land of the highest college debts and see which city is paying the most.

Thankfully, Connecticut did not crack the top 10 on this particular list – but we did score some pretty high points.  We also had some pretty low scores, too!

New Haven and Hartford scored the highest, both making the 94th percentile, while Westport and Darien both made the first percentile.

Click around the interactive map to find out how your city fared.  You can also save yourself the clicking and just search for your hometown HERE

Source: Wallethub


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