Connecticut, I love you, but you gotta chill from appearing on these lists.  It’s embarrassing.

Now we have another supposed bragging right – another top ten list that no one wants to be on.  Still, if you sit yourself down and really think (not too hard) about it, our placement on this national roundup does make sense.

So, congratulations to New Haven for being named the 8th most dangerous city in the nation for drivers!  All that construction, stop-and-go traffic, rubbernecking, road rage, accidents, and more construction really did us in on that particular list.  Good job on setting yet another shining example for our tiny state.

NerdWallet says they analyzed national data regarding to crashes, fatal accidents, car related crimes, and insurance rates.

New Haven’s average insurance rate is a crippling $1,829.20 per year and a nearly 60% likelihood (compared to the national average) for having an accident within city limits.  That’s plain depressing.

So, yeah, this list makes perfect sense, yet it doesn’t mean we’re too happy about the vindication.

If you’re curious, these are the top 5 most dangerous cities for drivers:
1. Detroit
2. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
3. Baltimore
4. Springfield, Massachusetts
5. San Bernardino, California


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