Ah, it’s my favorite time of the year.  The Easter candy is bountiful.  Everything is colorful pastels.  Plus, I get to see images of chicks and baby bunnies proliferating the stores.  What’s not to love?

In short, it’s just a really cute time of year.  Also, it’s a super tasty time of year, too!

Because, honestly, Easter offers the most delicious holiday candy.  Well, except for Peeps.  Plain and simple: Peeps are gross.  There is absolutely nothing satisfying about biting into granulated rubber.

Seriously, how about we bring back Kinder Eggs instead?  Now that’s a candy worth selling exclusively for Easter.  They’re awesome.

Too bad our silly Government doesn’t agree.  They firmly believe American children are idiots who can’t tell the difference between chocolate and plastic.  Yeah, makes perfect sense to me.

So anyways, here’s another list detailing which Easter candy reigns supreme this year.  And I’m really digging the results!  Well, kinda.

There’s been a major and unforgivable omission this year.  Somehow, Cadbury Eggs didn’t crack the top 5?  I am left with so many questions.  Seriously, what gives, Cosmopolitan readers?   You don’t like the taste of chocolate and happiness?

So, here’s a breakdown of the top five.  Which candy do you think is #1 this year?

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