Remember the story about the white UHart student who rubbed used tampons on her black roommate’s belongings and shoved her toothbrush up her butt? And then bragged about it on social media?  Well, apparently our court thinks it’s not a big deal.

FOX 61 reports that 18-year-old Brianna Brochu managed to dodge jail time and will enjoy an accelerated rehab program instead.  Basically, this will allow her to avoid all of her misdemeanor charges.

Meaning, the proof of her crusade against her black roommate won’t come up in a background check.  But, I doubt the Internet will let her forget it.

Now, to recap, 18-year-old Jazzy Rowe said Brochu treated her like a ghost since Day 1.  Brochu would turn off the lights in rooms Rowe studied in and gave her the silent treatment.

However, things snowballed out of control when Rowe came down with a painful throat infection.  While doctors thought she developed some bad bacteria, it tuned out to be fecal matter.

Yeah, Brochu admitted to putting Rowe’s toothbrush up her butt.

Also, she admitted on Instagram all the other things she did to torture her roommate.


All because she wanted Rowe to move out.  Anyone want to guess why she went to such extreme measures?  Well, besides the fact that she’s obviously disturbed.

Yeah, hence the hate crime charges.  Seems just a little too extreme, especially since she made sure to mention her roomate’s race.

Before a judge slapped her with a hate crime, police charged Brochu with breach of peace and criminal mischief.  Police also lobbied to have her charged with intimidation based on bigotry or bias.

So, a lot of people saw what was going and tried calling her out for it.  Unfortunately, it failed.

Her lawyer successfully fought to drop those charges, claiming her motives weren’t racially motivated.

Sure, Jan.

I dealt with bad roommates in college, too.  I think everyone dealt with at least one on their lives. But I never resorted to this type of insanity nor did it even cross my mind.

Actually, when I had a bad roommate, I took it upon myself to get the hell out of there because that’s what a sane person does.  They remove themselves from a toxic environment.

But, it turns out I could have gone batshit crazy like Brochu and would have had the court on my side.

As an aside, Brochu said she did apply for a room change on October 11th but the school denied her request.   That claim seems fishy to me since colleges would bend over backwards for a scholarship student.  Oh, also, add the fact that she’s white and felt “threatened” by her black roommate.

So, I don’t believe that little nugget for a second.  And my theory holds water considering what happened in court today.

Despite all the evidence and Rowe’s testimony against Brochu, a Hartford judge sided with her today.  Brochu will enjoy accelerated rehabilitation.

Also, the probation program carries the possibility of expunging all traces of this incident from her permanent record.

Brochu alleges Rowe isn’t as innocent as she seems, claiming she created the hostile environment.  She claims Rowe filmed her snoring and made fun of her on Snapchat.

But, Rowe didn’t put moldy clam dip in her lotions or lick her plates so… yeah.  Either way, if that alleged bullying did happen, Rowe should apologize because that behavior is unacceptable.

But, Brochu’s reaction far outshines anything and everything her former roommate did.  And, despite everything, she won’t have to pay for it.

Well, maybe if this happened 20-30 years ago.  The “woke” Internet will hold its own trial and make sure Brochu gets the punishment they believe she deserves.

Do you agree with the court’s decision or is this yet another example of white privilege?

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