No offense to the owner of Miya’s Sushi here in Connecticut, but the phrase “sustainable sushi” isn’t the most appetizing combination of words.

In my opinion, all sushi must be as fresh as possible, or it’s not worth taking the chance. It is raw fish after all. Why take the chance on something that’s been sitting out?

Well, apparently I’m a dummy, because the White House couldn’t care less about the slight squeamish feeling I get when I hear “sustainable sushi.” They’re all about Miya’s, so they’re honoring the New Haven restaurant at the White House, according to WTNH.

By using sustainable sushi and incorporating invasive species into its menu, the restaurant and its owner, Bun Lai, earned a place among the coveted Champions of Change, which features people and places that work to inspire others in the community.

That’s a noble cause, but if this were me, I would have just created this program to sneakily have some of the best food around the country flown in to my house so I could try it. Because that’s the real benefit here, isn’t it? I wouldn’t care about honoring anyone, I would just be thrilled to put a bunch of competitive chefs in the same room and make them prepare their best dishes in order to win my affection. It’s a brilliant and delicious plan.

It’s also why I could never be a politician. When they say “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” I think “absolute power feeds absolutely.” Yum!

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