This week TLC’s Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo will be at Webster Bank Arena and everyone that wonders if it’s true that ghosts are constantly walking around with us will probably be at the show.  Theresa is known for her big blonde hair and her outspoken ability to stop people in restaurants to let them know that their dead relative has a message.  You know, typical stuff for a Long Island mother.

With Halloween around the corner though, this seems to be the time of year that you feel a need to “connect” to the other side.  Whether you want to have a seance in your home to summon the dead, or if you’re hoping a psychic can tell you to leave your job, you’re just looking for answers.

When it comes to the famous readers like Theresa Caputo, you could be waiting for a very, very long.  Before she was the Long Island Medium on TLC she already had a two year waiting list for a reading.  But maybe not all is lost, there are several mediums, psychics right here in Connecticut.

Let’s get started…

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