It’s Pi Day… aka March 14th which translates to 3/14 which some science guy said means the number Pi but technically it’s actually 3.14.

Glad we got that out of the way.

While mathematicians all over the world (Side note: We certainly don’t have any math wizards that work at CTBoom… We’re lucky if half of us can calculate 20% tip on a check) work on complex equations, we opt to celebrate a different Pi.  The one that ends with the letter e.

Pie.  Delicious, mouth-watering pie.

By reviewing Tripadvisor and Yelp!, we’ve determined that these are the five best spots for pie in Connecticut.

5. St. Mortiz Pastry Shop, Greenwich, CT

4. Lyman Orchards, Middlefield, CT

3. American Pie Company, Sherman, CT 

2.  Michele’s Pies, Norwalk, CT

1. Oronoque Farms Bakery and Boutique, Shelton, CT


The most amusing part about all this research is that most Connecticut residents still believe that FRANK PEPE’s pizza aka “pie” is the best in the state.  So we guess the big question is, would you rather have a dessert pie on Pi Day or a pizza pie?!



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