The great burger debate rages on.  Yeah, Connecticut finally settled the long-standing war over who’s the true birthplace of the hamburger. Now, it’s onto the next big debate.  Who makes the BEST burgers?

Don’t worry, guys.  Buzzfeed totally knows the answer to this one.  Totally…

They say, hands down, it’s Whataburger.  The publication swears it beats out popular competitors In-n-Out and Shake Shack.  Yeah, totally NOT an endorsement, guys.

Still, that article served as the proverbial match that made an explosion online.  Apparently, people are pretty dang passionate about their beef patties.

Anyways, Buzzfeed claims that Whataburger’s menu variety clinches the title.  Time is also a major perk, too.

By that, I mean… have you ever waited in line for In-n-Out?  So, yeah, I get that aspect of their argument.

But before anyone starts declaring fealty to either burger-chain, CT Boom is going to wade into the great burger war.

Because, we know who’s the best.

Louis’ Lunch is the best hamburger.  Hands down.

It’s the original recipe.  So, you get to take a literal bite out of history.

Plus, it’s rare.  You can only get Louis’ in New Haven.  So, you’re eating a one-of-a-kind hamburger EVERY time.

Yeah, sometimes there’s a wait, but not as long as the competition.  Ever.

Lastly, the burger is so tasty you don’t even need condiments!  How’s that for next-level deliciousness?  All beef, all original, 100% fresh, and historic.  No need to conceal the taste of delicious ground beef under a pile of “secret sauce.”

In conclusion, it’s Louie’s all the way.

You hear that?  That’s us dropping our mic.  BOOM.

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