We’ve made it no secret that many of us here at CT Boom are fans of Stamford’s own WWE (actually, by “many,” I really mean Ed and myself – everyone else thinks we’re nerds). But that’s fine – we’re very happy being WWE fans or “marks” or what have you…

I actually had the pleasure of being inside the WWE’s corporate headquarters once several years ago (don’t get too excited, it’s really just an office building). Many Connecticut residents are familiar with the black windowed building right off exit 9 of 95 when traveling through Stamford. It’s very hard to miss.

But that’s not the only facility that WWE uses in Connecticut. They have a legitimately cool warehouse somewhere else. And I want to know where it is.

Earlier today, the seventh episode of WWE’s monthly webseries “WWE Warehouse” was posted on YouTube. Basically, it’s a tongue-in-cheek tour of the warehouse that WWE stores the sets, props, rings, outfits, and iconic paraphernalia they’ve used on TV. And there’s a TON of stuff.

Previous episodes have looked at other artifacts, including the Million Dollar Belt, which was handcrafted by Greenwich’s own Betteridge Jewelers in the ’80s, and they revisited this year to hear the story of how it was made:

But the question I want to know is…where is this warehouse? I know it’s in Connecticut – it can’t be in the WWE headquarters, as it isn’t large enough for long term storage of these items. I’ve heard rumors that it’s in Milford. But that’s where my quest has ceased.

If you know where it is, please let me know. And please let me know how I can get in there and play.

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