Thanks to New Zealand, a craze has swept over responding officers from around the world.  And it’s pretty awesome.

It’s called The Running Man Challenge and it’s described as a dance fad, almost reminiscent of the Harlem Shake.  However, this one has people dancing to Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo.”

The meme was mostly kept alive by college students until officers in New Zealand decided to kick things up a notch.


New Zealand PD then challenged the NYPD, LAPD, Australian Police, and several others to show off their moves.  And like true heroes, all those departments rose to the call.

Since then, officers from around the world have gotten involved and turned the challenge into an utter phenomenon.  The most beautiful thing is watching  how each department tries to one up the other.  Because of that, just when you think the craze has finally died down, another department uploads a video that completely ups the ante.

I mean, I’m talking involving the local news teams, using flares, fog machines, BearCats doing donuts… These officers are getting downright creative!  Better yet, you can tell they’re having an absolute blast doing it!

I mean, have you seen some of these challenges?  Jaw dropping!  Besides completely wowing those who watch the videos, they also serve a secondary purpose: they make people smile.  Given what’s been happening in America, this challenge couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

And now it’s Connecticut’s turn to show the world what our officers are made of.  It seems that we’re only making the national spotlight for not so great things.  Our police can TOTALLY change that and send us some much-needed positive vibes.

It’s been proven over and over again that the State Police have a wicked sense of humor, too.  I mean, this was posted over the weekend.

So, why not tap into that wonderful sense of humor, round up the troops, and go all out for Running Man?   Bonus points if you get the dive team, bomb squad, and K-9 Units involved.  Extra points for recruiting the local troops, like New Haven and Hartford, too.  I bet some politicians and maybe even some local celebrities would love to make a cameo.

Let’s make Connecticut go viral for a good reason!  It’d be wonderful seeing everyone come together for a great-but-silly cause.

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