So why should Connecticut’s finest do the Lip Sync Challenge?  Long story short: it’s for the greater good.  But, alternatively, they deserve to have a bit of fun!

What’s the Lip Sync Challenge, you ask?  It’s a social media challenge where a police department films themselves lip syncing an entire song before challenging another department to one up them.  This challenge supposedly originated in Texas where county departments began one-upping another.

While some videos are pretty basic with just one or two officers mouthing along, other departments unleashed their creativity.  One challenge relied on one officer and a series of wigs, though.

Not surprisingly, it’s those videos that go viral.

We all know our troopers have a wicked sense of humor.  Connecticut is the only state that brags to have the safest town in America and also America’s most dangerous cities.

Not to mention, some of our criminals make Florida Man blush.

So, it goes without saying our troopers will tap into that same humor to create one heck of a video.  However, they need to look at the competition before joining the challenge, first.

1. Norfolk Police Department

This relatively new contender to the Lip Sync Challenge went viral for all the right reasons.  They included the whole department, firefighters, and support staff.  Also, their timing and choreography was fantastic!

2. Fort Worth Police Department

What happens when you give an officer some wigs and an Alanis Morissette CD?  Magic.

3. Pevely Police Department

These guys not only dance, they also recreated the classic 80’s action sequence of running through the halls and jumping into a car.  Perfection.

4. Monroe Police & Fire Departments

A team up!  Plus, they showed just how involved they are in their community by including them in this hilarious Bruno Mars dance-off!

So Why Do The Lip Sync Challenge?

Well, being an officer  is stressful.  Your life is always on the line and you never know if the call you answer will be your last one.  Also, with the nation currently protesting against police brutality, now’s a good time to remind them that behind the uniform is a human being.

Not only does this challenge humanize officers, it allows them to have a little fun on the job.   Overall, the challenge is a friendly competition that’s not about finding a clear winner.

If you participate in the challenge, you win.  Period.  You bring a smile to your community’s face while goofing off for a good cause on the job.

My father served on the State Police and my youngest cousin recently began work as a county police officer.  Needless to say, I’m blue family, and a lot of my family friends growing up were some of CT’s finest.  That said, I know you need to have a wicked sense of humor to last on the job… so use it!

What Songs Should Our Local Police Do?

This is a toughie since song choices go from energetic to melancholy (Uptown Funk to Ironic,) so, really, the sky’s the limit.  But here are my personal suggestions.

1. Britney Spears – Toxic

2. Police – Every Breath You Take

3. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

4. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

5. Madonna – Like a Virgin

Which Departments Should Participate?

Without a doubt, CT State Police should heavily consider joining in this challenge.  We know they have a strong sense of humor, plus they have the man power to rally their best dancers and lip sync-ers to get in on the fun.

New Haven Police definitely has the man power and could use the city’s rich cultural history to their advantage.  A scene at a New Haven pizzeria is a MUST.  Also, Yale might be happy to lend a helping hand!

Bridgeport Police would also be a great fit for the challenge since they already had a brush with fame on Live PD!  Plus, Mayor Ganim might be game on making a cameo.

These three are my top choices as to who I’d personally want to see do this challenge.  But as long as ONE local department in this state decides to do this challenge, I’ll be thrilled.

We really did drop the ball on the Running Man Challenge.  Let’s not have a repeat of that, guys!  Make us proud!

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