I’m getting lunch today, and I decided to swing by my local KFC (for my money, nothing’s better than the chicken pot pie $5 Fill Up). I happen to be in Bloomfield, and I noticed a weird sign outside the KFC. A sign I’ve never seen before on any business ever:


This is off-putting for numerous reasons. I have been into many fast food establishments within one mile of this KFC (including, but not limited to: McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts, Boston Market, and Subway) and never seen this sign anywhere.

I had to think back in time and put myself in the shoes of lawmakers…

Exactly what happened that an entire ordinance needed to be passed? Was there an epidemic of people eating in their cars that an emergency meeting needed to happen? Were senators and aldermen called to testify as to the perils of car interior food consumption sweeping the streets? Were food lobbyists there to defend their position, and the right to eat in cars? Did the entire town vote on this?

Most importantly – who the hell cares if I eat in my car?!? I mean hasn’t Sonic made their entire fortune out of this concept?

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