Whether it’s because I’m a crime TV junkie or just find it fascinating, I’ve been following the story of the severed limbs of New Haven since they first found some legs randomly tucked under a bush. And is it me or does it seem like no one really cares enough about this?

They found human legs chopped off and just tossed aside a busy downtown street in New Haven. Then, also found human arms with no hands right down the street. How is this not a bigger deal? Two of my good friends live right in the Strauss-Adler building which corners the now-should-be-more-infamous bush. I’ve been past this block 100 times since police found the body parts and never once have I seen it blocked off from public. Isn’t that what crime scene tape is for? In case there’s more body parts laying in another neighboring bush? It’s like police searched those bushes as thoroughly as I would if I dropped some trivial object I don’t really care to find. Two second sweep – “Eh, I guess it’s gone.” (This is why we can’t have nice things.)

Initially, police tossed aside this story like the murderer tossed aside those legs. “Let’s blame it on Connecticut being a drive through state. Maybe some New York or Boston mob guy got a hankering for pizza post-kill and figured why not stop in New Haven? Dump the body, get a little pie.” But recently, they’ve figured out that the legs belonged to Anthony Ray Roberson, a homeless man from New Haven. I’m going to make the big assumption here that a homeless man from New Haven isn’t involved in the mob. And, oh!, they haven’t matched those arms to his DNA yet. Which means, if they’re not his arms, they’re someone else’s. Shocking conclusion I know.

What’s the requirement for a serial killer again? Three or more bodies?

Today, New Haven Police are investigating the Salvation Army on George Street, a rock’s throw from the initial findings. It’s a building where homeless people are known to hang out and they’ve reportedly found a torso. This will, I’m sure, take some time to identify as Roberson’s, but more importantly, this will hopefully make people care a little bit more that at least one person was chopped into pieces. If the people won’t, I will at least continue to bombard my friends with texts about this.

image via WFSB

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