Anyone else find this just a little strange?  Despite numerous calls to fund the state’s Special Transportation Fund, the state will spend money on… new trucks.  Why does the state DOT need NEW trucks?

Oh, they want to change their color?  So, instead of painting their orange trucks they’ll buy a whole new fleet instead?

Makes sense.  Not.

CT Post reports that the state ordered 46 new white trucks for the Department of Transportation.  Forgive me if my math is wrong, but, aren’t those “old” trucks only about 2-years-old?

But because the state wants white trucks and not orange ones, they went ahead and bought new ones.

DOT Commissioner James P. Redeker said in a release:

“The change from ‘Omaha Orange’ to white trucks is a smart decision for us.”

Is it though, Redeker?  Is it really so?

With the state planning on jacking rail fares by 20 percent or implementing tolls and higher gas taxes… do we really need new trucks?  Can’t they just, you know, PAINT the ones we currently have?

Oh, apparently not.  Because these trucks are also upgrades.  Because technology changes so much in 2 years time.

“Like the current fleet, the new trucks will retain the high-visibility red and yellow reflective striping across the back of the truck and an array of flashing and other safety lighting equipment that exceed all federal safety requirements. This equipment helps ensure the overall safety of CTDOT operations for our workers as well as the motoring public.”

Ensure safety for them but not our wallets.  Gotcha.

These guys mismanage their money worse than millennials and their damn avocado toast.

But, the Redeker says these shiny new vehicles will save the state so much money in the end.

“The orange color we have been using for many years is a specialty color that not only is more expensive, but adds time to delivering an order for new vehicles.”

Again, why not paint the old trucks that work perfectly fine?  No, does it cost more money to paint a truck than buy a new one?  I genuinely need someone to answer this question for me.

Anyways, we’ll see our tax dollars hard at work on the roads this summer when the new fleet comes in.

A new plow costs $195,000 and a pickup costs $30,000.   Also, the DOT says switching over to white saves the state $600 per truck.  So, $600 x 46 = a whopping savings total of  $27,600.  Wow.

Either way, the state just dumped millions it doesn’t have on brand new vehicles.  When the old vehicles worked just fine but were the wrong color.

All to save less than $30k.


Meanwhile, who’s ready for tolls?  And higher train ticket prices along with reduced service?  Oh, and also paying more for gas?

All while the state admittedly redirects 50 percent of the Special Transportation Fund to non-transportation projects.  Yeah, fun fact.

I thought so.  Our state sure knows how to invest its money, huh?  Anyone here able to give me a solid explanation why this IS a good idea and not a total waste of money?  I’m waiting.

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