In the final week before the kids head back to school.  So, around this time, parents start rushing to squeeze in that final family fun activity.  However, you might not be aware of this perfect opportunity happening in Yale right now!  It’s the CT Open!

It’s Connecticut’s only women’s tennis tournament.  So, naturally, the state goes all out with the fun factor.  Especially with the lineup of this year’s champions, which you can check out HERE.

Plus, have you ever watched women’s tennis?  The matches are INTENSE.   You’ll be at the edge of your seat the entire time, guaranteed.  Watching these women battle it out on the court is genuinely exciting.

Not to mention, the arena recently got a multi-million dollar makeover.  So, you sit in attractive seats overlooking a beautiful blue court with some of the best high definition televisions replaying some of the match’s best moments.

Speaking of makeovers, the food court also got a major facelift this year.  Earlier this year, the Connecticut Convention Center took over as the official caterer of the CT Open.   So, they brought some of the state’s best food trucks with them.

For example: you can chow down on a Lenny &  Joe’s Fishtale lobster roll while you watch some of the world’s top tennis athletes on the court.   You can then wash down the seafood deliciousness with a Ben & Jerry’s milkshake.

Also, tons of vendors align the food court pavilion, so you can snatch up some freebies from Aetna, Shoprite, Vantage TV, and more!

Lastly, if you’re a car fanatic, you get an official sneak peek of Porsche’s latest models.  You’re greeted by two beautiful luxury cars as you walk into the CT Open, .   You get to feast your eyes on about $3 million worth in Porsches throughout the event.

All in all, there’s something for everyone at the CT Open, on top of the intense tennis matches.  Most of all, it’s a unique experience you really can’t find anywhere else in New England.

So, if you’ve been looking for a fun family activity before the start of school, this is the place to be.  WTA is the complete paclage.  If you don’t have kids, it’s a fun date to take your S/O or bestie.

Purchase your tickets HERE before it’s too late.  The CT Open goes until Saturday, the 26th.

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