The Hartford Yard Goats released their 2017 schedule today. They will (hopefully) play 70 home games including visits from the minor league squads of the Red Sox, Yankees and Mets.

The most important game of the entire season will be the April 13th home opener at Dunkin Donuts Park against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

As you know the Yard Goats played every one of their 2016 home games on the road thanks to the absolute shit show that the Dunkin Donuts Park project has been. But you know what? There isn’t a better way to redeem yourself than finishing the park and opening up the season right on schedule. It’s the most important game in Connecticut sports history (or at least Hartford history, sorry Whalers).

The clock is now officially ticking. Enough screwing around. The city of Hartford, the Centerplan developers, DoNo Hartford, Luke Bronin, Yard Goats ownership, you all have 225 days to figure this out. Because if the team misses even one pitch in 2017 you can kiss goodbye any hopes of baseball, thriving economy, more jobs, any other sport, or a bright future for the city Hartford. It will be all gone. Poof.

These next 7 months will make or break Hartford as we know it. I honestly believe that as awful as this has all been if somehow they can save the 2017 season, fans and residents will forget that it all happened quicker than you think. It’s just how people’s brains operate in this world we live in now. Short attention spans and even shorter memories.

So… let’s please, please, please, stop the nonsense and get this team on the field they deserve to play on. Come April 13th 2017 I hope to be sitting field box with a hot dog and a cold beer watching Ryan McMahon hit bombs onto Trumbull Street.

Thursday April 13th 2017. Dunkin Donuts Park. 7:05pm. It’s the most important ticket in Connecticut. The future of the city, the state, and goats everywhere depend on it.

Let’s play ball.




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