We seem to have a lot of “bear” run-ins here in Connecticut. Every few months there is a new video, photo, or story about a bear roaming around near someone’s patio furniture.

The latest bear sighting which happened in Avon, CT is more interesting than all of the other sightings for a few different reasons.

1 – As WFSB states in the tweet he looks legitimately intrigued by what’s happening inside the house. Usually bears just mind there own business in the backyard. This dude is definitely looking for some kind of freshly baked treat, small child, or what’s happening on TV that afternoon.

2 – The look on the bear’s face is almost a look of FOMO (fear of missing out). A look of loneliness even. He’s been living in this boring bear world for too long, it’s time for iPads and Netflix.

3 – The balance this bear shows is very impressive on that railing. Granted we don’t see what happened after the photo was snapped, but it seems that climbing and walking on narrow railings is no problem for this guy. Bears can’t climb trees my ass! This is bear agility at its finest.

4 – If you look at the ears of this bear you see the tags. This bear is a known deck walking, sliding door peeping snoop. Not really that scary, just very nosy.

The takeaway here is that our furry Connecticut bear friends seem to be turning more human than ever. It’s only a matter of time before you walk into the living room to your kids binge watching 13 Reasons Why with their new bear buddy.


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