Growing up in Fairfield, I was surrounded by these women: tall, skinny, constantly wearing name-brand yoga gear and bragging about the new superfood they found. The new ABC show American Housewife perfectly portrays these entitled families that put looks above all else.

Set in Westport, the show is about one large woman’s journey to acceptance in a kale-eating, Town & Country reading world. It focuses on her family’s point of view being the “largest” family in the town, famous for its expensive stores, insurmountable wealth, and brand obsession.

Westport and the surrounding towns (Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, etc.) are notorious for the perception of being rich, snobby, entitled people, and this show is the first one to call it out in a major way.

Being from Fairfield myself, I saw a lot of people go through trying to discover who they were in a sea of people telling them to be a certain way. These towns are a lovely place to grow up, full of beauty, culture, and history, but it’s time that we take a look at the attitude we are projecting to the rest of the country.

Connecticut, specifically Fairfield County, has the most concentrated wealth in the country according to the Norwalk Daily Voice, but it also has the most poverty. It’s time to take a hard look on how we seem to the rest of the country, and take a reality check from the new comedy coming this fall.

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