Okay, it’s pretty obvious at this point that we’re in for an awful tick season.  On top of that, it also means there’s a stark rise in tick-borne diseases such as Lyme and Powassan.  So, perhaps it’s time for you to run to your local drug store and pick up some peppermint oil.

With the crazy high tick numbers and an increased chance of you getting majorly sick this summer, no one can blame you for not wanting to step a toe outside.  Well, unless if you dress like a tourist grandma from the 80’s.  You know, sweat pants rolled into your bright white socks?  All you’ll need is a fanny pack.

Yeah, that’s a sexy mental image.

Thankfully, some DIY warriors found the perfect home solution that gets rid of ticks instantly.   Peppermint oil.

So, if you find one of those gross crawly things latched onto you or one of your kids, put a couple drops on it and watch it writhe.  Because these guys can’t stand menthol.

Apparently, menthol burns ticks, so dousing them in peppermint oil is like giving these guys an acid bath.  Thanks to this one Reddit thread, I now know why.


So, if you’re afraid a pair of tweezers won’t do the job, you can make the tick suffer.  Let’s be real, we have that worry that a pair of tweezers won’t remove the head.  Which, if that happens, you’re still at risk for developing a disease if the parasite happened to carry it.

Meanwhile, if you have no allergy to peppermint, a little drop will make the tick unlatch and squirm away in a matter of seconds.    Just be sure you wash the area that came in contact with the oil. Leaving it on could cause some irritation.

Also, it’s not advised for you to apply that same treatment to your pets.  Just don’t.

Sure, some people may find this method cruel, but then again, ripping the tick off and potentially sever its head in the process is probably a bit more barbaric.


Either way, you have another tick repellent at your disposal and a less-stressful tool for removing any.  Peppermint oil, man, not only does it smell good… it’s magic!



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