I am 23 years old, and I have a CD collection that gives some stores a run for their money. And I am talking a massive collection — from hardcore guitar riffs from Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne, to pop tunes from Madonna and Demi Lovato to hip hop beats from Foxy Brown and T.I. If you’ve ever seen the hit show Gilmore Girls, it can be compared to Lane Kim’s.

This is a collection that continues to grow in each passing day. And, that’s a feat in itself considering that I don’t actually own a CD player. Recently, my household stereo was donated to make room for a book shelf and my car doesn’t have one.

Sadly with the streaming revolution, CDs have become more and more obsolete. This is thanks to smartphones and streaming services such as Spotify. I mean, why would you pay $15 for the new Demi Lovato album, when you can stream that same album (and whatever else you may want) for about $10? Sounds like a good bargain.

Because of this, CDs have taken the bottom shelf. Nowadays, most newer cars don’t even come with a CD player, leaving drivers with the option to either use Sirius XM Radio, FM Radio, or use an AUX cord. And, we can not forget that more and more music stores are gradually finding their way out.

However, at least for me, it’s not the same.

There is something about having a physical album in my hands that a digital track can never replace. The fact that I am holding an album means so much more than if I were to download the song on iTunes. It is something that I will have forever — even if my computer crashes, or even if there’s no need for a disk drive. Being a 90’s baby, I grew up with CDs and Walkmans — to listen to music in any other way doesn’t feel natural to me.

Therefore, call me old fashioned, but no matter how much technology advances, I will not stop collecting (and buying) CDs.

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