To give you the short answer and spare you the time it will take to read everything below: No, we probably won’t have a white Christmas this year.

If you’ve been outside at all in the last few days, you probably could’ve guessed that “no” would be the answer. Per the forecast we talked about last week, December in New England is going to be crazy warm. And “crazy” isn’t hyperbole – this weekend we could see temperatures in the 60’s.

And now The CT Post has only added credence to that report. They took a look at Connecticut’s weather history and found that it actually wouldn’t be unusual if the snow held off until January. According to their article, the latest first snow was in Bridgeport on January 19, 2007.

Of course, after the last few years, we’ve really earned this. In the months leading up to this winter, I think everyone in New England has been battling their own mind when it comes to seasonal preparations.

The Farmer’s Almanac left us in despair, predicting a brutal winter. Then, some forecasts were saying don’t worry, those farmers have no idea what they’re talking about. But then every town in the area was stocking up on enough salt to melt several icebergs.

So many mixed signals. It made my brain hurt and when we finally found out December could break records for warmth, I’ll admit I was relieved (even if it is a sign of climate change problems).

Now, we can relax a little bit more with the knowledge that weather history says we might not see snow for another five or six weeks! Hey, who wants to have a Christmas barbecue? If this keeps up, that might just be the best option.

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